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Master Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow With 100% Practical Knowledge

Search Hive provides the Best Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow with practical knowledge and work. We have an experienced team of digital marketing experts to help students individually. For the last 6 years we have had agency experience, so now we are going to start our digital marketing course for students who want to learn digital marketing.

Why Choose Search Hive as Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Lucknow

Search Hive is the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Lucknow because of our experienced trainers, 100% practical classes, customized course modules, and excellent student support. We focus on giving real-world Digital Marketing Training in Lucknow to prepare students for careers. Search Hive provides the best digital marketing course in Lucknow. Our comprehensive curriculum covers the latest tools and strategies across SEO, SMM, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, analytics, and more. 

Students gain in-depth knowledge as well as practical experience managing real marketing campaigns. With small batch sizes, we give personalized attention and coaching to each student. Our high job placement rate demonstrates the effectiveness of our training methodology and commitment to student success. Whether you’re a beginner or digital marketing professional, Search Hive is the top choice for Best Digital Marketing Certification in Lucknow.

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Start your journey to a new career in digital marketing.

Hands-On Training With Real Projects

Gain practical experience with real-world digital marketing campaigns.

Job Guidance & Interview Preparation

 Receive coaching to confidently apply and interview for digital marketing roles.


Get an industry-recognized certificate to boost your digital marketing credentials.

Course Options for Both Beginners and Working Professionals

 At Search Hive, our Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow is designed for both beginners looking to start a new career and working professionals looking to advance their skills. For beginners, we offer a comprehensive Digital Marketing Master Course in Lucknow that covers all core digital marketing skills from the ground up. This course allows new students to gain industry-recognized DM certification. For working professionals, we offer an Advanced Digital Marketing Course focused on the latest tactics and strategies across key channels like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing. 

Both courses provide extensive hands-on training with real-world projects. The key difference is the Master Course starts from the basics, while the Advanced Course builds on existing experience. Regardless of your current skill level, our expert instructors will provide the knowledge and coaching to reach your digital marketing goals. Join the Best Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow to kickstart or boost your digital marketing career.

Search Hive Offers Beginner and Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow

Search Hive offers two Digital Marketing Course options to meet different needs. Our beginner 3-month Digital Marketing Beginners Course (DMBC) is perfect for those new to digital marketing who want to build core skills from the ground up. This foundational course covers all the key areas of digital marketing including SEO, social media, paid ads, content marketing, email marketing, analytics and more. Students gain industry-recognized certification upon completion.

For marketers looking to take their skills to the next level, we offer a 5-month Advanced Digital Marketing Master Course (DMMC). This intensive training dives deep into specialized tactics and strategies for digital marketing mastery. With hands-on work on real-world projects, it sharpen skills across cutting-edge digital platforms. This advanced certification helps working professionals stand out.

Our Modules

3-Month Digital Marketing Beginners

  • Module 1 : Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Module 2 : Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics
  • Module 3 : Search Social Media Marketing (SMM) Fundamentals
  • Module 4 : Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Module 5 : Content Marketing Strategies
  • Module 6 : Email Marketing Techniques
  • Module 7 : Mobile Marketing Tactics
  • Module 8 : Google Analytics Overview
  • Module 9 : Building a Digital Marketing Portfolio
  • Module 10 : Creating a Basic Digital Marketing Plan

5-Month Advanced Digital Marketing Master Course

  • Module 1 : Refresher on Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Module 2 : Advanced SEO Techniques
  • Module 3 : Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Module 4 : PPC Campaign Management
  • Module 5 : Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Module 6 : Email Marketing Automation
  • Module 7 : Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Module 8 : Content Marketing Strategy
  • Module 9 : Integrated Digital Marketing Planning
  • Module 10 : Digital Marketing Capstone Project
  • Module 11 : Emerging Digital Platforms and Technology
  • Module 12 : Career Development in Digital Marketing
  • Module 13 : Mock Interviews and Personalized Coaching
  • Module 14 : Job Placement Preparation and Assistance

Our Experience As Digital Marketing Trainer
Expert in Lucknow

With over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing Training Institute in Lucknow, Search Hive has established itself as a premier institute for digital marketing education in Lucknow. Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have previously held leadership roles at Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Lucknow. This real-world experience allows us to provide up-to-date training on the latest digital strategies and platforms.

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing in 2024

With digital marketing continuing to grow at a rapid pace, it offers tremendous career opportunities now and in the future. Some key reasons to choose digital marketing as a career path include high demand for digital skills, strong salary potential, variety of exciting job roles, ability to work remotely, and the fast pace of the industry. As companies adopt a digital-first mindset, they need marketing professionals with technical know-how across areas like SEO, social media, ads, email marketing, and analytics. With over 5 open digital marketing jobs for every qualified candidate, those with up-to-date digital skills will be in high demand in 2024 and beyond.

Skills You Will Gain from a Digital Marketing
Course in Lucknow

Advance Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow will equip you with in-demand abilities across the full digital marketing spectrum. Key skills include technical skills like web analytics, Google Ads, search engine optimization (SEO), email automation, and social media advertising. You’ll also gain soft skills like digital strategy development, campaign management, audience research/targeting, and cross-channel content creation. Upon completing the course, you’ll be able to create integrated digital plans leveraging the optimal channels and strategies to engage audiences and promote business growth.


You only need basic computer knowledge. Students from any background can enroll.

Our Starting Price is 8000/- Per Month. We offer flexible EMI options.

Our beginner course is 3 months. The advanced course is 5 months.

We provide dedicated job support but cannot guarantee 100% placement. However, our placement rate is over 85%.

Yes, we have tie-ups with top companies to provide internship opportunities to our students.

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