Hostinger Review India - Based On 2 Years of Experience

Hostinger Review India – Based On 2 Years of Experience with Hosting (2023)

Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review India: If you are running a website or you wants to run a website then hosting plays a important role for you. In this digital age, every business wants a online presence to attract more audience. So with out hosting the online presence is not possible. Today we will talk about Hostinger, and discuss about Hostinger Review.

My personal experience with Hostinger has been since last two year. Currently I lave 8-9 websites on hostinger. My of my clients are also using this hosting. Before white a hostinger review I just tested from my end and also ask for review from my clients end. Then am decide to write a review here.

Hostinger Review

Also I wants to say that in this detailed review am going to tell you about all features, support timing, advantage and disadvantage of this hosting and more. Now a days hostinger going to more and more popular.

Short Conclusion

If you are searching for any affordable hosting, then I wants to say only one thing. Without any second thought go for it. In today’s market hostinger is the most affordable and cheapest hosting. I can say this of my past experience. You can decently start with it.

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What is Hostinger

Hostinger is a affordable web hosting and domain name provider. Hostinger was founded in 2004. The head office of hostinger is based in Lithuania. Currently there are multiple plans available, like shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

if you also want to know about Hostinger, then let us tell you that Hostinger is a popular web hosting provider, which provides feature-packed, high quality but low-cost plans for home users, small and medium-sized businesses. does,

As you all know that in today’s digital world, the importance of web hosting cannot be underestimated, for which a reliable and secure web hosting service is necessary to run a successful website, one such The popular hosting solution is Hostinger.

With this, Hostinger has been ranked among the top website hosting service providers for its versatile list of web hosting features at affordable rates, and also, it is already known among Indian users with its data centers located within the country. It has a beginner-friendly interface and advanced custom-built HPanel, backed with the latest website hosting technology,

Friends, Today in Hostinger review, we are going to provide you information about the key features of Hostinger hosting, we will also discuss about its security features, user interface, pricing plans and key pros and cons. Will also provide information about the cons, those of you who are planning to buy Hostinger hosting, then those people can get the information from here. 

More About Hostinger

So friends, let us tell you that Hostinger is a reliable web hosting company, which was established in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2004, at that time they called it Hosting Media, which was renamed into Hostinger in 2011 after reaching 1 million user base. was branded, and has seen steady growth ever since,The last few years since 2019 proved to be particularly profitable for them, as of now they have over 29 million users worldwide, and 15k new websites are being installed using Hostinger every day,

With this, let us tell you that Hostinger India is the Indian version of Hostinger, which can be accessed through, apart from this, all the plans of Hostinger include 99.9% uptime guarantee, a free SSL certificate, business email, Also includes WordPress friendly hosting tools,Users also have the option to add Hostinger’s Virtual Private Server to gain more control over their website’s performance as well as increase website load time, avoid latency, networking, and blacklisting issues.

Hostinger User Interface

Also, the interface of Hostinger looks very beautiful, simple and friendly for beginners, moreover, unlike the traditional cPanel offered by most of the hosting providers, Hostinger marks itself somewhat differently with hPanel. Taking a closer look, it is Hostinger’s custom user interface with a modern design and easily accessible functions.

Also friends, it provides all the important features ranging from zone editor to domain, email account, file manager, backup, website migration, app installer and WordPress dashboard, it also provides an easy search bar through which Hostinger has made a lot of improvements to its hPanel over the years, making it very easy to type in any features you want to access.

Hostinger Speeds

Also, friends, if we talk about hosting loading speed, then hosting loading speed means the time taken for a webpage to be completely loaded on your screen.Additionally, according to research conducted by Portent in 2019, website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time (between 0-5 seconds), so let’s see guys, our websites have How did you achieve in speed tests? 

1.Indian Servers

So friends, according to the information, we checked the speed of our website hosted on Indian server from Bangalore location and we got the following results.

So friends, as the website took 875.95 ms to load, which is quite impressive for an Elementor-based website, I also checked the speed with GTmetrix and from there too we got similar results.

2.US server

Also friends, when I checked my website hosted on US server from New York location, I got these results from there.

While the website loaded in just 691.09 ms, which is exceptionally fast, I also tested it through GTMetrix and found the full load time to be less than 1 second.

3.Singapore Server

Friends, when I checked the speed of my website hosted on Singapore server from Singapore location, I saw the following results from there also.

This website loaded in just 804.8 ms, which is again extremely fast, so friends, overall, US and Singapore servers provide faster website speeds.

Hostinger Uptime

So friends, if we talk about Hostinger uptime, then website uptime is the time period through which your website remains online, and provides accessibility to people, with this friends, as soon as you assess the strengths and weaknesses of Hostinger, and If you’re wondering how much less-than-stellar uptime would matter to your specific site,

So friends, if you are hosting an ecommerce site then uptime is especially important for that, because the more downtime you experience, the less sales you will be able to make, well uptime matters at every level, but we say This should be a make or break factor for ecommerce sites.

Types of Hosting and Features

So friends, if we talk about the types and features of hosting, then Hostinger provides four different types of hosting, such as shared, WordPress, cloud and VPS, now if we talk about shared and cloud hosting, then it is the cheapest and most initial- There are favorable options, while WordPress hosting is excellent for blogging, on the other hand, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is best suited for larger sites that demand more resources.

Hostinger Security

Along with this, Hostinger provides a variety of security features to its users. So let us provide you detailed information about it.

1. SSL Certificate

You are required to have an SSL certificate to protect your website, for this you are provided with unlimited free SSL certificates for your websites with the hosting plan on Hostinger, with this for every website you add to your Hostinger account. can be protected with a free SSL certificate,

Apart from this, you can also activate a free SSL certificate through Cloudflare, also friends, to get more information about it you have to read this article completely.

2. Patchstack Security

Also friends, Hostinger has recently collaborated with Patchstack, a powerful WordPress security plugin. Through this plugin, WordPress users will be informed about the vulnerabilities arising in any of their plugins, this will protect your website. A powerful security tool for.

3. 2FA

So friends Two Factor Authentication is a method of verifying the identity of a person by requesting an additional factor at the time of login such as OTP code, biometric identification, hardware key etc. Also this 2FA provides security by preventing unauthorized users from accessing your online accounts. Adds another layer of.

Apart from this, Hostinger provides email and software-based 2FA to secure your hosting account, so friends, you can now use authentication apps like Authy, LastPass, Google Authenticator, etc. to secure your accounts

4. Cloudflare DNS Firewall

Additionally, all Hostinger plans support Cloudflare DNS, you can activate it from the Hostinger dashboard.

With this Cloudflare DNS Firewall protects your website from being affected by all types of malicious traffic and DDoS attacks.

5. Bitninja Security

Hostinger also offers Bitninja security by default on all of its servers, a powerful security feature that detects suspicious logins as well.

And then blocks them until they verify themselves. Bitninja also protects against malware, DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, etc.

Hostinger Customer Support

So if you want to know about Hostinger customer support, Hostinger customer support Hostinger provides customer support via email, live chat, and knowledge base. Talking about their live chat support, let me answer your questions. Met very quickly, and now live chat is gaining ground, but it took a little longer to resolve the questions you asked.

So friends, I personally have liked the wide knowledge of these websites, you can find answers to any of your questions through the website, which is very good for unknown people, to help new people they have WordPress, There are also free tutorials on website development, VPS hosting, etc.


So friends, today we have provided you information about Hostinger Review through this article, so friends, if you also want to get information related to it, then for that you will have to read this article completely. We hope that You will like this article of ours very much.

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